WeRFreedomFighters on YOUTUBE (where you can browse old and new videos and search keywords to find topics of interest to you) and WEBSITE - We are a group of people, with some important things in common. We are all in recovery or recovered (!) from an Eating Disorder, we all want to fully recover, and we are all trying to share our journey in the hope in educating those out there who also struggle.   Please remember you are never alone and that the channel is open 24/7 - literally.  You can visit our website which has masses of information on ED's, you can also join our support forums to find comfort and friendship.

A positive outlook is beautiful. Humor is contagious - -Laughter we believe is the physical form of positivity. We are not here to change you. We can only offer a positive perspective from which you can view the troubles besetting you from a different angle. It is up to you to find the sunshine within.

Live life happy - - is an online sanctuary for inspiration to help cheer you up during difficult times and to encourage you to live life to the full.

Good News Gazette (GNG)- - is dedicated to highlighting positive and inspiring, heartfelt and heartwarming, fascinating and intriguing, stories from around the world. Our goal is to help people feel good while reading the news, and perhaps inspire our users to somehow improve the world around them.

PostSecret - - is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard

Fantastic Skills for Life - - Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) combines cognitive and behavioral therapy, incorporating methodologies from various practices including Eastern mindfulness techniques

An incredible woman, - Julie Parker, who says of herself "it’s my vocation (and sacred mission) to help you learn to respect and adore your body, your gifts, and your intrinsic power — by challenging the limiting beliefs and life patterns that silence your song".

Bipolar UK - Information and support for those living with bipolar disorder as well as for their loved ones. Educating and raising awareness with regards to Bipolar Disorder and breaking stigmas.

Slut Means Speak Up - - a campaign launched at Slutwalk London to tell the world that rape is never, ever the fault of the victim.

Time to Change - is England's biggest ever attempt to end the stigma and discrimination that faces people with mental health problems. It is a campaign to change attitudes, and behaviour too. One in four of us will experience a mental health problem in our lifetime – and if we do, we are highly likely to face stigma and discrimination from others.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too - - Men Get Eating Disorders Too’ is an award winning national charity dedicated to representing and supporting the needs of men with eating disorders

Body Gossip - - is a campaign which invites everyone in the UK to write something about their body and send it in, as well as raising awareness and educating on body issues.

This is a fantastic site - - filled with information, worksheets and ideas of how best to challenge yourself and promote your own wellbeing. Pretty much all issues catered for!!!

Beat - - provides helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK beat their eating disorders

Actively Arielle - - woman warrior Arielle Lee Bair, eating disorder recovery activist - "Here I seek to turn tears to words in an effort to heal, share, and help in the simplest of ways. There is life beyond an Eating Disorder; I have found it. But I still know and feel the pain and suffering eating disorders carry with them. I can't forget, but I can write. Every day It is there--that terrifying It that tries to get a hold of so many others. Sometimes It succeeds, sometimes It does not. But words are tools. Turning tears to words is where it starts."

Hungry for Change - - is a campaign that actively raises awareness of all eating disorders and aims to stamp out the stigma attached to the illness.

We’re Mind, - - the mental health charity. We’re here to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.

Cultivating Ordinary Courage - - is the blog of a fabulous art therapist filled with words and art for healing and ideas for creative therapy.

Nor.,mal - - is an organisation which utilises arts and creativity to educate on eating disorders and improve body image, self esteem and confidence.
The goal of the Operation Beautiful website - is to end negative self-talk or “Fat Talk.” If this little blog only does one productive thing, I hope it helps readers realize how truly toxic negative self-talk is — it hurts you emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
The Joy Project - is a non-profit, grassroots organization based on the philosophy of using real-world, workable solutions to end the epidemic of eating disorders. We work towards reducing the rate and severity of eating disorders by supporting and conducting research, education, and support programs.

V-Day-  - is an organized response against violence toward women.  V-Day is a vision: We see a world where women live safely and freely.  V-Day is a demand: Rape, incest, battery, genital mutilation and sexual slavery must end now.  V-Day is a spirit: We believe women should spend their lives creating and thriving rather than surviving or recovering from terrible atrocities.  V-Day is a process: We will work as long as it takes. We will not stop until the violence stops.  V-Day is a day. We proclaim Valentine's Day as V-Day, to celebrate women and end the violence.  V-Day is a fierce, wild, unstoppable movement and community. Join us!

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