Safeguarding Yourself

From experiencing the past two blog challenges, sometimes issues get touched on which unexpectedly trigger or cause difficulties for people.  I hope that you would feel comfortable to approach someone and talk if needed.  If you need ideas for caring for you and riding out the storms check this out: -

"Few, during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used."
~Richard E. Byrd~

With Activities
Engage in fun exercise and/or hobbies, have a spring clean, reorganise cupboards, play card games, go for a walk, gardening, count loose change, read a book or magazine, walk the dog, play with animals, paint, draw, write

With Contributing
Give something away, make something for someone else, do something thoughtful for someone else,

With Pushing Away
Visualise the crisis/pain/ thoughts/ situations, consider its shape, colour, size, texture. Put it in a box and lock it in a cupboard at the back of you mind, to return to when you feel able to do so.

With Other Thoughts
Count to ten, count the colours in a painting or in a tree, count the shapes on the carpet, do word puzzles/ sudoku, try to focus on television or film, look at photographs of good times and focus on those memories

With Intense Sensations
Focus on the feelings as you try these techniques - hold an ice cube, squeeze a rubber ball, take a cool shower, listen to loud music, twang an elastic band on your wrist, take a warm shower, put on a face mask, or moisturise your skin.

With Opposite Emotions
Read emotive books or stories, read old letters, watch emotional films, watch comedy films or stand up,

Self Soothing

With Vision
Buy a beautiful flower or flowers, go to an art gallery, take a walk and focus on the nature around you, look at the stars, watch the sunrise/ watch the sun set, look at passers by (people watch)

With Hearing
Listen to beautiful soothing music or music that speaks to you, listen to nature, hum, sing, play an instrument, listen to and engage with guided visualisation(s)

With Smell
Use your favourite smells/ perfumes/ lotions etc. Light a scented candle, bake bread or cakes, make fresh coffee, buy yourself flowers or just go smell them!, walk in a wooded area or a seaside are and concentrate on all you smell.

With Taste
Have a soothing drink (herbal tea, fruit tea, hot milk etc.) Chew gum. Suck a mint or boiled sweet.

With Touch
Take a bubble bath, cuddle a pet, brush your hair, hug a soft toy or a pillow, hug a friend or family member, stroke soft fabric - notice how these sensations feel and allow them to comfort you.

Improve the Moment

With Imagery
Imagine relaxing scenes - you can use guided visualisations if this helps, imagine a secret room within yourself, see how it is decorated, furnished, how it smells, what it feels like and make it safe in whatever way you need to do. Go into that room when you are struggling or feeling threatened. Close the door and allow yourself to be calmed and know you can come and go as you please.

With Meditation
Open your heart and your mind. Take time to be silent or quiet. To relax your body and focus your mind on the positive or simply on breathing. Perhaps you might pray for strength. Allow yourself to be grateful for the good in your world and open yourself to the idea that all things are possible.

Perhaps at this point you're thinking I'm not sure all this meditation crap is for me? Maybe its worth giving it a go? Check out this story...

With Encouragement
You may find this strange and difficult to do at first but it is helpful. Write some affirmations - perhaps you might put them on post it notes on mirrors or around the house. Read them aloud. Repeat them. Allow them to become truths, goals and absorb those words and be empowered by them.
"I am strong enough to get through this."
"I am good enough as I am and I am loved."
Make your own up or look around online to find some that fit you and your situations.

Check out this guided visualization and if this isn't for you there are many more available: -


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