Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week Three (23rd-29th July): Self Empowerment

Remember if you are blogging daily each point is a daily topic BUT if you are blogging weekly you DO NOT have to incorporate all these themes but instead use them as inspiration for your own response to the theme!

Week Three: Self-Empowerment
“Empowerment refers to increasing strength,
investing with power and/or to equip or supply with ability”. 
We may reflect on our journeys thus far and recognize teachers, family members, friends, songs, classes, activities which have empowered us.  But how have we or do we or can we empower ourselves?  There are so many ways in which we can do this, but we first must choose to do this.  Consider the points below if you wish to in responding to this prompt or if you are writing daily you’ll find seven separate points.  It is entirely up to you how often you blog and what you choose to write on.  The act of blogging itself is one of self-empowerment!
-       How do YOU define empowerment? What does empowerment make you think of?  Can you identify times in your life when you have been empowered by others or by yourself?  How were those experiences?
-       Using your voice – consider the act of talking, speaking out, writing, painting, expressing your opinions and beliefs in terms of self-empowerment
-       Learning – do you feel empowered by your learning?  Are there things you can choose to learn solely for the result of empowering you?
-       Physical care and nutrition as a means of self-empowerment – choosing to eat a broad and balanced food intake, fun healthy exercise and activity, pampering activities, tattoo or piercing, embracing your body, body image
-       Seeking to have your emotional needs met – empowering yourself to say or ask for what you need and to find ways to have those needs met (i.e. asking for a hug, expressing how you feel, asking for help, putting your needs out there rather than only considering others)
-       Mental self-empowerment – overcoming negative thinking patterns, challenging old messages and faulty beliefs – working towards changing them so you can embrace and celebrate who you are and know your value.
-       Spiritual self-empowerment – it may be you are religious in some way or subscribe to a widely recognized set of beliefs or it may be about nourishing your spiritual self in terms of self-belief, hope, faith, love and what these concepts mean to you and how they can be tools to empower yourself.

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