Sunday, 15 July 2012

Week Two (16th - 22nd July): Self Nurturing

Remember if you are blogging daily each point is a daily topic BUT if you are blogging weekly you DO NOT have to incorporate all these themes but instead use them as inspiration for your own response to the theme!

Week Two: Self-Nurturing

In order to experience a life which is balanced, healthy and nourishing we must nurture ourselves.  This week’s theme allows you to explore what this means for you, for those in your life and to consider how things can be improved in this area.  This might be a challenge in which you reflect on your journey or perhaps it means taking stock and making plans for radical changes.  It is entirely up to you how you address this theme.  For those who wish to blog daily or would like some direction as to what they might consider for this week’s challenge here are seven pointers: -

-       What does it mean and involve when you nurture others? Do you apply the same definition and tools in nurturing yourself?

-       Consider what you give to others – are you able to give to yourself in the same way? What stops you? How can you overcome this?

-       Consider how you feel about yourself – do you feel worthy?

-       Do you respond to positive events (doing well at school or work; getting a compliment etc.) and negative events (arguments with others; things not going as you wish them to) in a way which is self-nurturing?

-       Consider self-care and self-neglect.

-       Identifying warning signs for self-neglect and/or poor self-care

-       Considering these areas, in addition to what you already know, builds a greater self-awareness.  Consider ways in which you can behave in a more nurturing manner towards yourself and perhaps build some reminders/affirmations/mantras/facts which will help you to put this into practice.


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